Bitmoji Scenes

How to YOU use Bitmoji scenes? Click HERE to complete a form so we can crowd source the ideas ... results will be posted here as well!

Link to MY SCENES ... use as you wish!

Scene Template

Some ideas for use (from form linked above):

  • I plan to use them with the PD I create for our staff. I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas because most of the ones I have seen are for classrooms :( As a tech coach, I have an office instead of a classroom so I'm feeling a little stuck. Looking for inspiration!

  • I use them in my morning slides to deliver my morning message. Every Monday I change the scene (classroom, home) and on Friday I take an adventure to a location the students have asked to visit (France, Greece).

  • just learning

  • Sharing my announcements with my class

  • teach

  • Background for Zoom sessions

  • I would use these scenes for my lessons for Remote learning

  • Google Classroom Banner, Google Forms Headers, Morning Message-embedded with links and daily video

  • Haven't used them yet but can't wait to try!

Shared resources (from form linked above):